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Hair extension is a good way to add length and volume to your own hair. If they're made from real hair, you can dye them to match the color of your own hair, giving them highlight, or even a new style. However, if you don’t put in hair extensions right, the result may look unnatural. How to put in hair extensions? Keep reading.

Why Do We Recommend Clip In Hair Extensions?

Clip in hair extensions are the most easy way to add your hair length and volume. Clip in hair extensions have many advantages than other extension types. *You can place the clip-on hair extension yourself without the need for professional finishing. *Fixed hair extensions are the least fixed hair extension option and offer more features. *They are easy to use and fast, and typically take 30 minutes or less. *If properly maintained, they can last longer than other options and have a life of one year or longer. *Clip in hair extensions are moderately priced. *Clip in hair extensions do not use heat, chemicals or pressure, so using them properly will not cause damage to the hair.

How To Put In Kriyya Clip In Hair Extensions

For many girls, it will be very stressful or uncertain when put in hair extensions. However, after reading this article and watching the video, you will witness how your hair become longer and thicker within a few minutes. Watch the video and then scroll down to see the text description:

We used 7pcs remy clip in hair extensions in this video.

You will need: clip in hair extensions, wide loop brush, big size clips 1. Use a soft paddle brush or a loop extensions brush to thoroughly comb your hair to eliminate tangles. 2. Separate your hair into two parts. Keep in mind that leave enough hair on the top of your head to cover the clips. Use a horn hair clip to hold the top of the hair in place. 3. Place the weft with 3 clips into your hair bundle and make sure it fits the various parts of the hair. Starting from the center clip, the extension is evenly clamped onto the various parts of the hair as close as possible to the root. Tip: To make it easier and prevent the clip from sliding too far down, try pulling the part out slightly from the scalp. 4. Take the 4 Remy clips in the hair extension and repeat. Remember to start with the middle clip and then stretch outwards to keep the weft tight enough to prevent bruising. 5. Now, the rest is the 4 small clips in the hair extension. Use these on the sides of the hair to create a richness and blend any layer. Use the smallest weft above the ear near the hairline. Repeat on the other side. Use the rest of the content and apply to any areas that need help with merging. 6. Gently comb the hair and make sure there are no visible clips.

Why Choose Kriyya Clip In Hair Extensions

Kriyya hair clip in hair extensions are made from high quality remy human hair, and come in a full head set. We have 100g full head set, 120g full head set and 160g full head set. Here are advantages of kriyya hair: *100% virgin remy human hair *Cuticles intact & flow in the same direction *Tangle & shedding free *Double machine weft for secure installs *Double drawn hair process *Heat-friendly and can by dye with proper process

How To Wash Clip Hair Extensions

1. Remove all tangles from the hair extension. 2. Immerse the extension in warm water or immerse it in a basin filled with water, in a bathtub or sink until it is completely saturated. 3. Gently massage the shampoo from top to bottom on each hair and comb with your fingers to avoid tangling. 4. Wash shampoo under running water or in a clean water basin. 5. Gently massage the conditioner from top to bottom and comb with your fingers to avoid tangling. Let the hair absorb the conditioner for a few minutes. 6. Rinse the hair with cool water and take care to remove any residue. 7. Excess excess water is squeezed out with both hands. 8. Gently remove all tangles with a wide-toothed comb. 9. Place each weft on a towel and allow them to air dry away from the sun. kriyya hair also offer tape in hair extensions, I/U-tip hair extensions and human hair wigs. And now we have promotion on all kind of hair types. Don't miss it!

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