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Hair extensions have become a common beauty accessory that millions of men and women use to improve the way their hair looks. It ought to be thought of as the most affordable facelift because fuller hair makes women looks at least 5 years younger. Finding the best hair extensions for your hair type can be quite the task. You may get lost in all the information available about the different types of hair extensions such as clip in hair extensions, tape in extensions, remy hair, bundles and many others. As one of the most popular hair extension methods, i tip hair extensions have been a hot choice.

If you are considering whether stick i-tip hair extensions are the proper suitable for you, or you just want to know more about them. We will break down all the benefits and downsides of i-tip hair extensions which will make the decision much easier.

What Is I Tip Hair Extensions?

Tipped hair extensions are also known as: shoelace tip, Flash Point and cold fusion. These extensions are applied by using a pulling tool, either a hook or loop, which pulls the client’s hair through a very small ring. The I-tip extension is then inserted into the small ring that is then compressed with special pliers-This compression holds the extension in situ. I-tip extensions are very popular for people who don’t want heat applied to their hair. A client’s hair needs to be average/thick in texture for I tips to hold properly.

The Pros Of I Tip Hair Extension

  • I Tip Hair Extensions Belong To Cold Fusion
  • Unlike u tip hair extensions, i tip hair extensions require no heat for application and that’s why this method is also known as cold fusion. There is also no glue used because you apply I-tip sticks with small beads.
  • Individual strands could moves a little more naturally
  • The application uses no heat or glue. The no-heat element of this method reduces your chances of hair damage.
  • Hair is reusable, and any extensions that may have slid down or off can be fixed in about an hour by an experienced technician.
  • Removing i tip hair extensions is even simpler than the installation and can be done in minutes.
  • Quality remy i tip hair extensions have a very long lifespan, which can last up to six-eight months.
  • Can be applied super close to the roots, making it blend really well with your natural hair.
  • I tip hair extensions are recommended for fine hair which means short and thin hair.
  • I tip hair is a kind of semi permanent hair extensions which come with a strand-by-strand method. This method make the extra hair doesn’t have to taken off each day.

The Cons Of I Tip Hair Extension

  • Time consuming, with a national average application time of 4-6 hours, whereas experienced stylists can complete in 2-3 hours.
  • The attachment points are made out of copper making it hard which can be uncomfortable especially the first couple of weeks after application.Some people may also experience discomfort or an itchy scalp.
  • Application requires a high learning curve for a successful application and removal of this method, and if done incorrectly can cause hair breakage and damage.


Avoid use of oils or silicone-based products near the attachment.

Now you recognize the pros and cons of i tip hair extensions normally and you’ll be able to select the simplest and most fitted hair extensions for your beauty. Whereas hair extensions provide you with the freedom to play with your look, they will conjointly drastically injury your hair if gone wrong. Such like your own hair, extensions also need to pay attention. Be careful with wet hair, and try to dry your hair naturally, using your fingers to gently brush through any tangles.

Kriyya Permanent Hair Extensions offer best remy i tip hair extensions with two different specification. For normal status, we recommended the spec of 50 strands with 1g/s. For thin and soft hair, you need extensions with more fine tips, we recommended 100 strands/package with 0.5g/s (you may have to pay more for the installation).

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