Kriyya Hair, Made By Love.

What do you need for being a beauty? New clothes? Fancy shoes? Better makeup skills and more cosmetics? Nothing, what you need is just be aware of the truth

Our Story

Confidence, Bravery, Positive, Evolution With Kriyya Hair, what you get is much more than a bulk of hair. It is also the first action of being a better beauty.

  • 01Hua -- the Brand founder started Kriyya with a strong, heartfelt mission: Revealing the natural beauty of women around the world. Hua was born and raised in XuChang, the biggest human hair processing city in China. He witnessed the development of hair making skills. Because of the growing of the love for hair making, and the flourish development of hair industry in the past 20 years, Hua was pleased with the business development. However, he was also distressed by the rumors about hair products from China like “bad quality”, “unethical sourcing”, “unfair wage”, etc.

    02Influenced by those rumors, hairs from China were labeled as lower range of quality, even though many famous hair brands were huge customers of China OEM factory. It was a deep prejudice for hair products from China. Hua tried to eliminate this kind of prejudice. He believed that the hair from China is good enough for a fair

  • 03That was the reason why Kriyya Hair established. Kriyya, a variant of the word “Kriya”, which means “action, indeed, effort”. Through the action of effort, we wish to establish a totally new and positive image of what hair product should be.

    04To achieve the mission, Hua insists on using high quality 100% virgin hair as the production fundamental ethically and keep upgrading the production process. Better-using experience of customers, the stunning change of customers, higher praise from customers, and creating more chances of beauty are the most important values of Kriyya.

  • “ We believe that our hair will inspire a change, a change of your image, a change of being a better you and a better Kriyya.
    Kriyya ---Inspire the change!