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  1. Synthetic Vs Human Hair Wig: Which One Is Better For You?

    Synthetic Vs Human Hair Wig: Which One Is Better For You?
    Wigs are both stylish and useful, and you will notice more and more men and women wearing wigs. If you are a first-time wig buyer, you often get confused when deciding between synthetic and real human hair wigs. In fact, buying a high-quality wig is not that difficult. Before making a final decision, you need to understand the difference between...
  2. 9 Benefits Of Using Human Hair Wigs

    9 Benefits Of Using Human Hair Wigs
    In modern life, wigs have become a necessity for more and more women to go out. The development of wigs today is not only used to cover hair defects, but also a fashion tool. They change hairstyles quickly and easily, so you can try new ones without damaging your natural hair. Wigs are generally divided into two types, synthetic wigs...
  3. How To Make Your Human Hair Wigs Last Longer

    How To Make Your Human Hair Wigs Last Longer
    For wig owners, wigs are an investment that they want to use for a long time. Many people may choose a wig because they have thinning hair, have a disease, or want to try a new look. Unlike synthetic wigs, 100 human hair wigs last longer. But some incorrect behavior may shorten the life of your human hair wigs. Properly...
  4. How To Make Human Hair Wigs Soft Again

    How To Make Human Hair Wigs Soft Again
    When we wear new human hair wigs, we get excited and can't wait to show off. Human hair wigs are worth the investment, providing you with beautiful and plump long hair in a short time, and at a low cost. Especially lace front wigs with baby hair, straight wigs, undetectable lace wigs, and short human hair wigs, are loved by...
  5. What Is A Transparent Lace Wig

    What Is A Transparent Lace Wig
    As we all know, there are many kinds of human hair wigs for sale in the store. Lace front wigs, 360 lace front wigs, full lace wigs, fake scalp lace wigs, glueless lace wigs, and transparent lace wigs. Kriyya hair store supplies with affordable human hair wigs. Today we will share with you what is a transparent wig. We hope this...
  6. How To Choose The Perfect Hair Extensions Length

    How To Choose The Perfect Hair Extensions Length
    Choosing the right length for your hair extensions is very important because it determines how natural your hair will look. At kriyya store, we offer a variety of different lengths. You are guaranteed to find the perfect length for you. And here are some things to consider when deciding on hair extension lengths. Wavy/ Curly vs. Straight Hair Extensions Before...
  7. How To Install A Lace Front Wig

    How To Install A Lace Front Wig
    Many people love cheap human hair lace front wigs for many reasons, from their high quality to styling versatility. There are also many different reasons people wear them, from hair loss due to alopecia, cancer treatments, other diseases, medications and of course, fabulous fashion. When you buy lace front wigs, you will question about how to install a lace front wig, today we will discuss...
  8. How To Wear A Wig

    How To Wear A Wig
    Women’s human hair wigs are being worn for a variety of reasons,whether you are covering hair loss or you’re just wanting to switch up your hairstyle often. A wig can easily change or enhance one’s appearance. So many women choose to wear a wig to change up their hairstyle,color and length. Wearing a wig is easy once you get used to...
  9. How To Choose The Right Hair Extension Color

    How To Choose The Right Hair Extension Color
    Kriyya hair extension offers 4 beautiful colors, including Black, Brown, Blond, Red. A perfect color match means that your hair extension will seamlessly blend into your hair and look very natural. Buy a hair extension color that suits you, not just rely on your intuition, but also consider your skin tone, natural hair color, etc. The hair extension color chosen...
  10. Pre Christmas Carnival In Kriyya 2019

    Pre Christmas Carnival In Kriyya 2019
    Christmas day 2019 is around the corner! Pre Christmas hair sale in Kriyya provides you big promotion on hair products. Now let us see what pre christmas discount you will get. $5 off, over $99 $9 off, over $149 $12 off, over $199 $18 off, over $259 $30 off, over $359 Pre Christmas Clip-in hair extensions deals Clip in hair extensions are the easiest, fastest, and...

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