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Whether you are wearing a human hair wig for fashion, or quickly change the appearance, or need to wear a wig to cover hair loss (necessary conditions to keep the hair), you must know how to properly wash it. This article will show you how to properly wash, condition and style your hair wigs, as well as useful tips and tricks to keep your human hair wigs last longer.

Choose Quality Hair Care Products For Human Hair

Use only hair care products designed for human hair wigs. Do not use standard hair care products in the pharmacy. The chemicals they contain shorten the life of the wig. Invest in quality products to maintain your wig.

How To Wash A Human Hair Wigs?

Before cleaning the wig, gently comb it to remove any tangles. Start at the top of the hair and go to the bottom of the headband. Be sure to use only combs designed for wigs. For stubborn tangles, the use of spray conditioners can help loosen them. Two methods of washing human hair wig.

1. Rinse under the tap with running water:

*Wet your human hair wig under running water. Let cool water flow from the roots to hair tips until it gets wet. *Gently squeeze (do not wring or twist) to remove excess water. *Apply a human hair wig shampoo evenly over the wig. Do not twist, rub or massage. *Wait For 2-4 minutes. And rinse the shampoo gently with cold water until it is all removed. *Before conditioning, use a towel to gently remove excess water from your hair.

2. Washing your hair wigs in the sink with ready water

*Fill the sink with cold water and add 1 to 2 times the shampoo. *Turn the wigs inward, put them in water, and then press down on the fibers to submerge them. Let the wig rotate gently to help distribute the shampoo throughout the hair bundle. *Soak the wig for 5 minutes. Make sure the wig is completely submerged in the water. Do not move the wig during this time. *Rinse the wig with cold water until the shampoo is completely removed.

How To Condition Human Hair Wig?

*When the hair is still moist, apply a small amount of stylish human hair wigs to your palms and apply evenly to the hair. *Avoid applying a conditioner to the root of the wig as it may loosen the knot on the cap and cause the hair to fall out. *Leave the conditioner in the wig for 5 minutes. When the hair is moist and soaked with wig conditioner, the wig is gradually combed upward from the tip. *The fingertips are the softest, but you can also use the wide-tooth wig comb gently. *Rinse the conditioner thoroughly under cool running water. *Gently squeeze excess water from the wig (do not rub or wring out) and gently wipe the hair with a towel (do not wring or wring)

How To Dry And Style Your Human Hair Wig?

It is best to let your human hair wigs dry on the wig, as this is the softest of the hair fibers. Rollers can be used to secure wigs. Although air drying is the gentlest option, a warm sitting hair dryer can be used to dry the hair. After the hair is dry, a heated styling tool such as a curling iron and flat iron can be used. Use styling products designed specifically for human wigs (eg hair spray). Minimize the use of heating tools to extend the life of the wig.

More Tips For Caring Human Hair Wig

1. Since the wig has no natural oil, the fewer times you wash your wig, the better! But don't wear it for too long without washing, otherwise it will start to look, stiff, dry and dark. 2. Use a hot air blower to dry the wig very carefully. Many wigs can be heat set, but some wigs don't, and you may end up breaking the style of the wig. Let the wig dry is a safer choice. 3. You should not take a wig to take a shower. Although this seems to be a way to save morning time, the heat generated by the shower can easily damage the combination of hair and wig cap. Since the shedding will shorten the life of the wig. 4. Take the time to wash the wig. This takes time, so be sure to take some time while washing your wig. 5. Don't ignore your natural hair. Resting for a day or two will help reduce the wear and tear of the wig, and provide a little air to the scalp and natural hair to rejuvenate yourself.
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