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There is two way to make your short hair long: grow natural which cost a long time and use hair extensions which change your hair length immediately. Today we will share with you how to clip in hair extensions for short hair.

What is clip-in hair extensions

Clip-in hair extension is a popular hairstyle to enhance your hair beauty by adding the length and thickness of your own hair. It is easy to install and remove with the clip by yourself. You only need part of your hair, open the clip, and clip on the part. All the processes just need a few minutes. Change your short, thin and boring hair by Kriyya clip in hair extension.

How to clip in hair extensions

First, prepare some clip in hair extensions close to your own hair color, flat iron, and width comb.

Second, according to your hair layer, add clip in hair extensions from below to forehead. Make a part for your hair, then clip and hide your own hair. To sure fix it stable, then clip the hair extensions by the clip which you prepare the proper length for the part you need add. After you install one part of hair extensions, you can use a flat iron to make your favorite hairstyles. For example, curl it, of course, you can curl big or small curls as you like.

Third, comb it gently. After you style your hair and the hair extensions, please comb your hair from the bottom. Don’t use strong power to avoid tangle and shedding.

Forth, spray some hair care conditioner. It can make your glossy and shinning.

How to move off your clip in hair extensions

Please don’t scrub the clip strongly. Find the position of the clips, open it, then move off it one by one. Because we use clips, it is easy to move off. If you use tape in hair extension, you had better use some oil to make it greasy and loose.

How to wash your clip in hair extensions

You can wash it as your own hair, the clip is good quality and the hair is 100 real human hair. Use some shampoo wash it gently, don’t scrub it to make the hair matte. After washing it clean, you can use some hair protection oil to let the hair recover. Dry it in the air, don’t use a hairdryer.

How long the clip in hair extensions can last

Kriyya clip in hair extensions are high quality human virgin hair, so the hair can last 12-24 months with proper care. The hair is a tiny and easy break, so when you wear it, you should pay more attention to it. If you wear the clip in hair extensions, you can move off it when you want to change another hairstyle. But you need to know one thing, please don’t sleep with clip-in, it will hurt your skin.

How to maintain clip in hair extension

Clip-in hair extension is made by Remy hair. When you don’t use it, you can spray some hair protect oil to keep the lice away. Pack it in the package when you bought them.

Where to buy clip in hair extensions

There are many hair extensions vendor in the market, but for customers, they don’t know how to choose the hair vendor. If you want to buy a high-quality hair extension, some tips you should know. First, find a brand hair seller. The brand shows the company's power on hair extensions.

Second, the company should have experience. Hair experience shows that they have the ability to make high-quality hair extensions.

Third, check the hair inspect report. For every agency, they have an organization to manage all the hair company. If the company can provide the certification, it shows that you can trust their hair quality.

Forth, check the customer reviews. Once customers buy the products, they will have some experience on the products. So the reviews from the customers are the true reflection on the products. Before you purchase the hair, you can check the reviews from the real customers. If the main customers think highly about the items, that means the products are good to be chosen.

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