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Do you feel annoyed about your short and thin hair? Don’t worry, there is one way to help you solve it, that’s clip-in hair extensions. Let’s talk about why we choose clip-in hair extensions to make our hair thick and long.

What are clip-in hair extensions?

Clip-in hair extension is your first choice to make your hair full, it is easy to install, and can be last long on your head. What’s more, it can add the color of your hair. There is a small clip at the root of the hair extensions, so it is easy for you to install the hair on your head, there are 3 series in Kriyya hair company, they are fine series clip-in hair extensions, classic series clip-in hair extensions, and rich series clip-in hair extensions. The weight of these 3 series are different, they are 100g, 120g, and 160g. according to your requirement, you can choose a different series. There are 8 colors available jet black hair, natural black hair, dark brown hair, chocolate brown hair, light golden brown hair, strawberry blonde hair, blonde hair, platinum blonde, and cinnamon red, if you know the size of the hair, you can also choose the size of the hair extensions.

How to use the clip-in hair extensions?

First cut and trim your own hair, this way can make your hair has a good shape. Second, make parted on your head in order to install the clip easily. Third, using the clip clip the place you want to add your hair. Forth, brush the hair gently and trim the hairstyle you like. Please noted that don’t sleep with clip in hair extension, it will hurt your skin. Clip-in hair extension can last 2-3 weeks on your head.

How to take care of clip-in hair extensions?

  1. Reduce washing time if possible. The more frequent you wash, the more damage to your hair.
  2. If you want to wash your hair extension, please use the hair condition which can keep shinny and glossy of your hair.
  3. Comb your hair gently. You’d better use a wide-tooth comb or loop brush comb your hair slowly and gently, it can protect your hair shedding.
  4. Perm it in the correct way. If you want to dye your hair extension, we suggest that you can dye it from light to dark. Bleaching the hair is not suggested.
  5. When the hair complete in the factory, the master has already bleached it if you bleach it another time, which will make the hair easy to break.
  6. You can find the professional hairdresser to make it for you. If your hair was ruined during this processing, as a hair seller, we won’t have duty on return and refund policy, please understand this.

How to choose a clip-in hair extension?

According to your hair thick or thin, you can choose the different weights. Hair thin and soft: if your hair is this feature, you can choose 120g clip hair extension, cause normally your hair needs more hair to full or you want to add color to your hair. Medium hair: you can choose the 160g hair extension to make your hair full or long. Thick hair: you can choose hair extension to make your hair longer, especially for the hair short person, cause your hair is enough, you want to have a long hair, so you can choose to buy some longer hair extension to make the length you want, it is very easy to reach. If you are still confusing about this question, you can take the following chart as a reference. After all these explanations, you will know very well about the clip-in hair extension. If you want to change your hair length or color, you can come and visit Kriyya hair extension company. Please check the favorite style for you, now we have a big promotion. If you are interested, you can cost less get more items, please pay attention to promotion details: Up to 10% off for clip-in hair extensions 7% off for all the wigs 5$ off for I-tip, U-tip and Tape-in order over 100$ Don’t be hesitate, catch the chance huge clearance promo.
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