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Is your hair thinning? Are you wonder if you can get extensions to fix the problem without further damaging your hair? The answer is yes! If you're looking for longer, thicker hair right now, hair extensions are a great way to get instant length and volume. However, hair extensions are not "one size fits all". In fact, some types of hair extensions can actually cause damage to thinning hair, leading to further hair loss. We know, there are many different types of extensions, but we'll share the best hair extensions for thin and fine hair with you!

What is Thin Hair And Fine Hair?

If you want to find the ideal hair extensions for your unique hair, you first need to identify what type of hair you have. Thin hair is often confused with fine hair (though oftentimes these occur together). Thin hair, where there are few enough hairs on the head that you can essentially see through to the scalp, can be indicative of scalp problems, which should always be resolved prior to installing extensions. Fine hair is pretty normal, and it just means that your individual hairs are less thick than the average strand of hair.

How Do I Know If I Have Thin And Fine Hair?

You have thin hair if your ponytail looks relative skinny (though there's no exact measurement for this). However, you can also tell that you have thin hair if you can see much of your scalp between hairs. This means that hairs are scarcer and more spread out. To check if you have fine hair, just hold a strand of hair in the light. If the hair appears somewhat translucent and allows light to pass through, you probably have fine hair, too.

What Hair Extensions Don’t Work?

There are essentially four types of extensions that are not suitable for fine or very thin hair. * Beaded types such as micro-rings and micro-link loops that crimp extensions to the hair. The strain will be too much. * Cold fusion extensions like i-tips that require securing hair onto every strand. * Keratin or u-tip methods since you are adding too much pressure on individual roots. * Sew-in or hair wefts that are too complicated for thin hair.

What Are The Best Hair Extensions Type For Thin And Fine Hair?

Tape-In Extensions For Thin Hair

Clearly, most hair extensions are not a good option for thin hair. If you have thin hair and want hair extensions, tape-in extensions are probably your best bet. These are commonly dubbed the best extensions for thin hair. Applied by a stylist, two-inch hair wefts are taped to your natural hair in a sandwich style. While this may not seem like the most glamorous of methods, a specially formulated hair tape is used, containing no harmful chemicals whatsoever. The process is carried out simply and quickly, with tape sections that are lightweight; perfect for thin hair, as no strain or pulling will occur. There also doesn’t need to be a large amount of existing hair to carry out this technique, making it ideal. The finished hair extensions lay completely flat against the head, creating a very natural look, and they do not need to be re-fitted for up to 8 weeks.

Clip In Hair Extensions

If you have thin hair, clip in hair extensions are one of your best option! When your hair is fine or thin, you want to do everything you can to avoid damaging your natural hair. Clip in extensions are fast and so simple – you don’t even need a hairstylist to put them in. Just remember to always apply extensions closer to the nape of your neck and not the top of your head. For silicone clip-in extensions, we suggest going with the 50 to 70-gram extensions. Why, you ask? Mostly because the thickness is perfect, and you can stack pieces if desired. Need more volume? Just add another one!


Have you got the mind of the best hair extension for thin and fine hair? Yes, tape in hair extensions and clip in hair extensions are the 2 best hair extensions for thin hair or fine hair.But if your have a healthy but short hair and want to add the hair length and volume, then other hair extensions type-i tip hair extension, u tip hair extensions and sew-in hair weft are also your best choice.
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