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Hair extensions are a must have to add instant length to your hair. Many girls worry that because their hair is too short to wear hair extensions as it won’t hide the bonds and clips. If your hair is on a shorter site, either due to haircuts or accidental damage, we will do our best to answer the age-old question: Is your hair long enough to apply hair extensions? Not all extensions are suitable for girls with short hair however this article will help you find out which ones are.

How To Measure Your Hair Length?

Here are some answers collected from women on how they measure their own hair length: * With a measuring tape, measured from the front of my forehead, along the top crown and down to the ends. * I measure from hairline over my head and to the back with a piece of yarn, then measure the yarn with a measuring tape, ha ha! I really need to go buy a soft measuring tape one of these days.... * When I used to measure, I would hold the start of a measuring tape at the front forehead hairline and have someone else draw it over the top of my head and then also down the length down the back, in the center, which is where hair grows the thickest, and longest usually (for most). I am not positive if this is precisely.

Suggestion About The Hair Measure

You may think that hair length is not so important but it is… The picture below will give you a good idea of where a particular hair length may lay on you. And pay attention that this is only an example for you. You should take body structure and height into consideration.

What Is The Ideal length To Wear Hair Extensions For Your Short Hair?

Generally to speak, your hair needs to be at least 7-15cm (3-6 inches) long to wear extensions optimally. The reason behind this is that the hair needs to cover the clips and extensions bonds. And you will feel very embarrassed if people can see your long hair isn’t real and natural. Natural blending is a must, so it is important to make sure you have enough hair length as the best basis for the hair extensions to blend.

Best Hair Extensions For Your Short Hair

Clip in hair extensions The minimum hair length of 3 inches (7 cm) is required to cover the clip base and properly attach clips without them making you feel uncomfortable. This is one of the best and easiest methods for beginners with short hair. If your hair is shorter than the absolute minimum, you can experience some hair pulling. See Kriyya [ Clip in Hair Extensions ] Tape-in Hair Extensions Your hair will need to be at least 3 inches (7 cm) long to install tape-in hair extensions. Tapes are smaller than clips and are not as visible. Therefore, it needs slightly shorter hair to get all tapes properly attached. The tape can be trimmed or cut into smaller pieces to make fusion work too. It is important to go with the transparent tape, which means that the part that attaches to your hair blends perfectly with your own hair. See Kriyya [ Tape-in Hair Extensions ] Stick / I-Tip Hair Extensions Stick or I-Tip hair extensions should be installed on hair no shorter than 4 inches or 10 centimeters. Slightly more flexible than tape-ins, these are strand-by-strand fusion extensions that rely on cold-fusion method. If you are afraid of the heat and still want to use strands rather than tapes, this is a great option. See Kriyya [ I-Tip Hair Extensions ] Keratin Hair Extensions/ U-Tip Hair Extensions Keratin or U-Tip hair extensions require a minimum hair length of 4 inches or 10 centimeters to be properly fused. Since Keratin extensions are attached using hot pliers, the range entirely depends on your hair stylist and applied technique. When it comes to minimum length, U-Tip extensions are unbeatable. Simply the best for women with short hair. See Kriyya [ U-Tip Hair Extensions ]

What If Your Natural Hair Is Too Short?

Will hair extensions for short hair work in all short lengths?  Unfortunately, the answer would be no. If you believe that your natural hair may still be too short then you will need to wait a little longer. Hair skin and nails products are quite effective in promoting new hair and follicle growth. If you have any question about the hair extensions for short hair, pls contact us to know if our clip in hair extension or tape in extensions suit you.
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