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If you are trying wigs for the first time, then perhaps you may want to look at headband wigs.  Haven't heard of this before?  Well, it is what it sounds like.  It is a wig whether full or half that is fashioned with a piece of cloth that resembles a headband at the hairline.  Human hair is sewn on a breathable piece of cloth together with a back and front comb for a secure fit. The elastic cap material is soft and stretchable which allows it to fit the head properly.  The hook and loop at the end of the band work together with the comb to ensure that it stays in place. 

These 100 human hair wigs feature headscarves in a variety of designs and prints.  Not only are these hair accessories eye-catching, but they are also great as a fashion statement.

Why Are Headband Wigs So Popular?

Advantage 1: Various styles. There are many different styles of headband wigs.  Headband wigs are available in many gorgeous variations such as straight, water wave, curly or body wave wig.  You can change the headband styles to whatever you prefer.

Advantage 2: Headband wigs are very comfortable for daily wear. The headband wig is made of 100 virgin hair, it has no odor and does not fall off easily. As the cap is made of breathable material, this will ensure that your scalp stays cool all the time. 

Advantage 3: Real and natural look. When using a lace wig, it has to be positioned along your hairline and this way could cover your real hairline and may sometimes look fake.  With headband wigs, your hairline is still visible when the band is being worn or positioned further back on the head thus offering a more realistic and natural look. It is just like wearing a headscarf while adding a hip and youthful look.

Advantage 4: Easy to put on and take off. It is extremely easy to wear and take off, and extremely comfortable to wear.

Advantage 5: The headband is best for anyone regardless of their hair types or texture.   Due to the softness of the headband, it can reduce tension, headaches, prevent bald spots while safely securing your wig in place. Headband wigs come in various colors.  You can try human hair wigs with highlights to make you fashionable immediately.

Advantage 6: Cover up hair loss. Bad hair day happens to many of us. You do not have to scrunch up your hair into a messy ponytail to avoid the world.  A glamourous way to cover up such days is with a headband wig.  Besides keeping the hair off your face, you get to show off your facial feature with a headband wig.

Advantage 7: Affordable. Headband wigs cost less than a lace frontal wig.  As headband wig is made using a machine, the price of headband wig is more affordable.

Advantage 8: This durable wig packs quite the punch because it is heat resistant, thinner texture and more lightweight. The hair on the wig is soft, shiny and bouncy just like the texture of natural hair. To take care of the wig, just wash it with a mild shampoo and rinse it thoroughly in cold water.

How To Wear a Headband Wig?

If you are unsure how to put on this headband wig, here are some steps on to secure the it:

Step 1: Brush your hair and make sure your hair is flat.  Whether you have braids, twists or a bun, it is important that your hair is flat so that the headband wig can lay flat as well.  Here is a tip - mini twist and jumbo flat twist are the best options for wearing the headband wig because they are easy to put on, take down and cause less friction than buns or braids.  You can use the combs on the headband to comb into your own hair as you put the wig on.

Step 2: Adjust the headband's position according to your head size.  Apply the wig how you would like it to sit on your head and then attach the combs directly to your hair.

Step 3: Most of these headband wigs come with thin black headbands.  For fashion and extra security, you can place another headband or scarf and secure it to your hair.

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