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How To Make a Wig With Lace Closure

For decades, lace closure has become a must-have for many women's beauty life. More and more women choose them not only to cover up flaws but also for fashion and beauty. The lace closure has great flexibility in terms of hairstyle, color, and length, allowing you to easily duplicate your own hairstyle, add length when you want it, fullness where you need it, and color that's as unique as you are. Lace closure hair pieces complete your look and are great for making a wig.

✲What Is Lace Closure

✲How Many Bundles Needed With a Closure To Make a Wig

✲How Long Does It Take To Make a Wig

✲How To Make a Wig With Lace Closure And Bundles

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What Is Lace Closure

A lace closure hairpiece may be made of lace base. A lace closure piece will not cover the entire head. It is placed on top of the hair in the horseshoe part. 4x4 lace closure is the most common size, but there are also 5x5 lace closure, 6x6 lace closure and 7x7 lace closure, choose the lace closure that suits you best. Lace closures are available in many different styles including three-part, the free part, and the middle part. A lace closure piece will not cover the entire head and requires more bundles for a full install. It is recommended to use 2-4 bundles with a lace closure.

How Many Bundles Needed With a Closure To Make a Wig

Usually, 3 bundles with closure or 4 bundles with closure are enough to make a full head weave, shorter length hair bundles are thicker than longer hair. If your wig will be short ranging between 8 to 14 inches, 2 bundle deals with lace frontal will suffice. If you want it longer in the 14 – 22-inch range, you need 3 bundles with closure. If more than 22 inches, the 4 pcs better if you want to look more fuller. If you want your hair to be really thick, five or six bundles is what you need with a closure to make a wig. Straight hair and curly hair have different density with the same bundles, so it must be taken account when we decide how many bundles of weave we need. Curly bundles with closure are naturally fuller hence you may need fewer bundles. For a full natural look, 2-3 bundles can be used. If you wear a straight human hair, then you will need more bundles to create a full look. We recommend 3-4 bundles depending on the length. lace frontal closure

How Long Does It Take To Make a Wig

The process of making a wig requires patience. The first time takes a long time and can be completed in 3-4 hours. As you become familiar with making wigs, you will be able to complete the production in an hour or less.

What Do You Need To Prepare

No matter what the reason is that you are deciding to make wigs, you will need the right material so that everything goes according to plan. You will need the following: Wig head / wig stand Lace closure and hair bundles Needle & thread Scissors T pins Tweezers Wig combs Elastic band  A wig cap Hair-care products

How To Make a Wig With Lace Closure And Bundles

Step 1:Before making a wig, install the wig head on a wig stand or place it on a chair or table with tape. Make sure the wig head is stable so that it is easier to make the wig next. Step 2:In order to make a perfect and comfortable wig, shoppers choose a wig cap that fits perfectly to your head. Place wig cap on the mannequin head. Step 3:Center your lace closure on top of the mannequin head where you would like to create your part. Then place it in the front and pin it down with pearl-headed pins. Make sure the closure is smooth and flat as possible. Step 4:Next, you’ll want to stitch the lace closure to the wig cap. Use a curved needle and weaving thread to sew the closure into the wig cap. Do not forget to make tight knots, especially at the beginning and the end of your stitching to make sure that the lace closure is secure. Step 5:Begin to sew the hair down row by row with your hair bundles leaving an even amount of space between each track you lay down on your cap. Repeat these steps until you reach the top of the head at the seam of the lace closure. Step 6:Add a wig band and wig combs to the inside of your wig to add security to your wig when wearing it. There should be at least one comb on each side of the head and preferably one at the back. At this step, your wig is pretty much-done. It's time to add your personal touch to your wig. If you are satisfied with the way the hair looks, you can leave it at that. If you are satisfied with the appearance of your hair, you can keep it. If not, it is recommended to use a shaping tool to curl or straighten it to create your perfect style.

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