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For wig owners, wigs are an investment that they want to use for a long time. Many people may choose a wig because they have thinning hair, have a disease, or want to try a new look. Unlike synthetic wigs, 100 human hair wigs last longer. But some incorrect behavior may shorten the life of your human hair wigs. Properly take care of your human hair wigs is essential to increase its lifespan. How long can Human hair wigs last? How can you make human hair wigs last longer? Read on, you will get some answers.

How Long Can Human Hair Wigs Last?

The life of a human wig depends on two important factors. Factor 1: The Quality Of Human Wigs. The material of Human hair wigs is critical for longevity. Kriyya provides high-quality women's human hair wigs, best lace front wigs, 360 lace front wigs, full lace wigs, giving you the most convenient and instant transform of your hairstyle. Made of 100% virgin human hair, easy to put on and has a long service life. Factor 2: Frequency Of Wearing A human Wig. The higher the frequency of wearing a wig, the shorter the life of the wig. Therefore, to make human hair wigs last longer, it is important to reduce the frequency of wearing wigs. Factor 3: Improper care of human hair wigs. After some heat setting, human hair wigs will become frizzy and tangled, such as frequent perm, perm, etc. Factor 4: Surrounding Air Environment. Under strong sunlight, the destruction of ultraviolet rays in the sun can cause human hair wigs to be dry and hard.

7 Guide To Make Your Human Hair Wigs Last Longer

Tip 1: Choose High-Quality Human Hair Wigs

human hair wigs provide the most natural look and feel. They are more expensive than average wigs, but they are definitely worth it. With proper care, they can last a long time. Remy wigs are considered an advanced option, and the hair follicles will stay in the same direction. The cuticles all extend in the same direction, which greatly reduces tangles and makes hair look softer. High-quality human hair wigs can be used for up to 1-3 years.

Tip 2: Reduce The Frequency Of Wearing

The less you wear human hair wigs, the longer it will last. If you need to wear wigs every day, you may want to consider buying two wigs and recycling them. Get straight human hair wig, wavy lace front wigs, curly hair wig, short human hair wigs, long human hair wigs will add your volume to make it looks natural and pretty. Wearing the same wig every day will accelerate the friction of your human hair wigs, prone to tangling, and reduce the life of human hair wigs.

Tip 3: How Often To Wash Human Hair Wigs

If you wear human hair wigs every day, it is recommended that you wash them once a week. If you do n’t wear human hair wigs very often, a good rule of thumb is to wash your wig every 8-12 times. This keeps human hair wigs clean and prevents them from drying out.

Tip 4: Choose The Right Shampoo Product

Using shampoos and conditioners specifically for human hair wigs is a key step in extending the life of your wig. Traditional shampoos and conditioners contain harsh chemicals that can damage your human hair wigs. Your human hair wigs will not repair themselves like your natural hair. Once damaged, you may want to buy new human hair wigs. Therefore, please choose the right hair care products for your human hair wigs. Do not use sulfate-based hair care products.

Tip 5: Wash Your Human Hair Wigs Properly

When washing human hair wigs, follow these steps: Step 1: Pre-wash care. To prepare human hair wigs, use a wide-tooth comb or a soft-bristle brush to brush human hair wigs. Comb from the end to the root. When you encounter a tangled wig, gently untie with your fingers. Until the whole human hair wigs are completely tangled. Step 2: Immerse human hair wigs in warm water. Fill the basin with warm water and add an appropriate amount of wig shampoo. Gently immerse the wig in water for 2-5 minutes. Then rinse your wig thoroughly under the tap. Step 3: Intensive care for human hair wigs. Using a leave-in conditioner can help make your wig softer. Avoid the roots of the wig when applying conditioner. Step 4: Dry human hair wigs. Pat the moisture of human hair wigs with a towel, then place them in a ventilated place to air dry your wigs naturally. Using a hair dryer to dry your wig may loosen the knot on the wig cap and cause the wig to fall off.

Tip 6: Reduced Use Of Heat Setting Tools

Human hair wigs are made of high-quality human hair, have heat resistance and can be heat-set. However, if you use heat setting tools to design your human hair wigs every day, it will make your human hair wigs dry and easy to break, reducing the life of your wig. When using a hair styling tool such as a hair straightener or curling iron, set it to a low temperature or spray some thermal spray on your wig to protect your human hair wigs.

Tip 7: Store Human Hair Wigs Properly

Compared with the random loss of human hair wigs, hanging the wig on the wig holder helps maintain the shape and style of the wig. Leave the fake on a wig stand, away from high temperature and direct sunlight. Remember, human hair wigs are like a long-term investment. Proper washing and maintenance will make you pay off.

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