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A headband wig, as the name shows, is a type of wig that is made with a piece of headband attached. Human hair is sewn onto a soft wig cap with clips and adjustable straps on the back of the cap.  The wig can be slid around the head and put on without using any fasteners. The headband is made from a comfortable stretchable material for a secure fit.

The headband wigs are great protective styles for those who are new to wig wearing.  They are quick and easy to put on and has no lace nor glue.  What's unique about these glueless wigs is that it only goes on the back of your head while you style your natural hair in front.  That is why headband wigs are also known as half wigs.

What are the best headband wigs?

What are the features of headband wigs?

How to install headband wigs?

The best headband wigs on sale

What Are The Best Headband Wigs?

The headband wigs are made from 100% human hair and offer the most natural-looking weave.  It is great to be worn during hot weather because it is not as heavy as a full wig while still providing total coverage.  Many women chose to wear headband wigs because it is easy to put on.  Definitely a lifesaver for those with a busy lifestyle.  Like 100 human hair wigs, headband wigs are available in many styles.  The only differences are the number of insert combs, the softness of the headband as well as headband width.  With the headband, it looks as if you have another accessory on your hair.

What Are The Features Of Headband Wigs?

There are three features of the headband wigs. First,  the headband wig does not have any lace so wearers do not have to spend time cutting the extra lace.  The second feature is that no glue is needed to install the wig and this will prevent the use of bad-quality glue from damaging your scalp.  The third feature is the elasticity of the headband which not only fits well on the head, it offers huge comfort for the wearer.   These 3 features are what made the headband wigs very popular.

How To Install Headband Wigs

Comb The Wig

Firstly, use a comb to brush out any tangles or knots on the wig.  If you are using a curly or body wave wig, use a wide-tooth comb to comb through.   If the wig is thin, try using a smaller comb instead. Remember to use smooth, gentle strokes when combing through the wig to avoid damaging it.  You may also use a wig stand to keep the wig steady while combing.  Another tip is to spray the wig with some water to give it a fresh and wavy style.

Prepare Your Own Hair

Before putting on the headband wig, tie your hair into a ponytail by using both hands to take the back sections of your hair.  As your natural hair will be exposed along the front of your head, the ponytail will be covered on the back.  For those with shorter hair, aim for the ponytail to be centered along the back of your head.  If you prefer your hair to be more secured, you can adjust the wig cap over the back portions of your hair.  If there are any stray hairs, you can secure them with bobby pins.

Braid Your Hair

Separate the front sections of your hair by braiding them horizontally along your forehead. Once the braids are in place, continue to separate the rest of your hair with the edge of a flat comb into 1-inch sections.  Then braid each of these sections backward until they reach your lower hairline along the neck.  Fold up the lower sections of your braids using hair clips.  This will make it easier to conceal your hair under the headband wig.

Styling The Front Hair 

Comb your bangs and bring forward the natural hair that you plan to style with the headband wig. To ensure that this section of hair is pushed in front of your ears.  This will avoid your hair being caught in the wig later. Continue combing until you see a clear part between your natural hair and the edge of the wig cap.

Installing The Headband Wig

The headband wigs come with clips to secure the wig in place.  Fasten the wig clips along the edge of your wig cap for a secure fit.  Make sure that the half wig is secured all around the cap, including the sides and bottom.  The bottom section of the wig has another comb and use it to attach the lower part of the wig by sticking the teeth into the lower hairline along the edge of your neck.

The Best Headband Wigs Are On Sale:

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In Conclusion

The best thing about headband wigs is that you can get a new hairstyle within several minutes and it can be done at home.  These human hair headband wigs can be colored, permed, and blend very well with our natural hair.  You can never go wrong with a headband wig.  They are perfect for every occasion. If you are looking for high-quality headband wigs, please visit kriyya.com. The black friday promotion is about to start, and more offers are waiting for you to collect.

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