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Whether it is a lace closure or a lace frontal, both are great. Both will give you a full and flawless install with the illusion that hair is growing directly from your scalp. Lace frontal closure completes your look and is great for styling your wigs, weaves, and natural hair extensions. Picking between a lace frontal and a lace closure can be difficult! There are so many different textures, part sizes, and hair lengths. Next, let's understand the basics of lace closure and lace frontal and the difference between them to help you make the right choice.

What Is A Lace Closure?

A lace closure is a top piece of hair that consists of some hair strands and a relatively small lace base material. 4x4 Lace closure is the standard size. A closure does not recreate a hairline. A lace closure is the go-to for women who love middle part simple hairstyles. If you like to make just the simple hairstyles, you should try using the closure. It will give you the simplicity of a hairstyle but in an elegant way. However, it does offer three styling options including middle part closure, free part closure, and three-part closure. The bottom of the HD lace closure is made of lighter lace material and is very breathable to wear. Easily conforming to your head resulting in a flawless installation.

Why Choose A Lace Closure?

First, give you a perfect look. The lace closure is close to your scalp color, bleached knots, and proper hair density, lace closure is made to fit your natural hair perfectly. A great closure gives you countless hair styling options. Second, lace closures require little maintenance. Lace closures require little maintenance. Unlike sew-in lace frontal wigs, owning a lace closure hairpiece doesn't require a whole lot of experience in order to care for and maintain it. Finally, lace closure protects your hair. A lace closure is protective of your hairline. Wearing a lace closure allows you to experiment with so many styles and colors with little or no damage to your hair.

What Is A Lace Frontal?

Lace frontal hairpieces come in sew-in or bonded installations. Lace frontal spread from ear to ear and range from there is only one part of having the option of parting your frontal anywhere you like. This hairpiece will give you a more natural look, thus more versatile styles. You can wear it in a middle parting, side parting and three sides parting. 13x4 lace frontal is the standard size. But there are also frontal with lace space of 13x6 and 360 lace frontal. Its flexibility allows you to try out different hairstyles suck as center parts, side parts, or ponytails that look natural.

Why Choose A Lace Frontal?

First, ear to ear lace front closure is more comfortable to install and wear. The lace frontal is comfortable to wear on the head and allow a constant flow of air to your scalp and hair. Second, a lace frontal has its unmatched styling versatility. From ponytail to the middle or side, you can customize the style of wig or hair extension according to your preferences. Lace frontal gives you a natural hairline, so you have the freedom to style your hair as desired. It's almost like styling your own natural hair! Finally, cover your thinning hair and bald spots. A Lace frontal can be used to conceal the loss of hair along the hairline. They have an ear to ear coverage area designed to mimic your own hairline.

What Is The Difference Between A Lace Closure And A Lace Frontal?

The difference between a lace closure and lace frontal is lace size, materials, versatility, costs, and Installation.


Lace closures are typically 4 x 4 inches and sit either perfectly in the middle of the crown or can be shifted slightly to the side to achieve a side-part look. A lace frontal is typically 13x4 inches and is similar in width and position along with the hairline across the front of the head, from ear to ear. When you want to cover the whole hairline, use the lace frontal but when you don’t mind covering just a portion of the edge, then you can use the lace closure.


Lace closure and lace frontal comes in silk or lace and can come in a blend of both materials. In fact, some frontals are made out of silk in the middle while featuring lace on the ends. If you need a base that looks like your scalp, you will go for the silk base. But a lace base comes out more flatter and levels with the scalp.


Lace frontal allows for endless versatility. Lace frontal will cover the entire hairline and will allow for a blended human hairstyle that can look even more natural when you pull it back. Lace frontal also offers both middles, free, and three-part styles, allowing for different part designs, so you can wear any color, curl pattern, cut, or style. Lace closures are more limiting in versatility. It is typically harder to pull the front of the closure backward to style it differently. Lace closures only cover a small portion of the front of the install, so it’s close to impossible to pull your hair back without exposing your tracks.


Closure wig vs frontal, what is cheaper? A Lace Frontal is much more expensive. They can be sewn into any wig providing styling versatility. A lace closure is a less expensive option and easier to maintain.


Another difference between lace closure and lace frontal is installation. Lace closures are sewn on to your head where lace frontals are generally bonded along the hairline. Both frontals and closures are placed behind or in front of the natural hairline, but because lace frontals are usually bonded, they are usually positioned in the front.

Lace Closure Vs Lace Frontal, Which Is Better?

Lace frontal vs lace closure, the decision is all up to you. It depends on the look you want to achieve and the preference of versatility you want. A lace closure will save you on costs and help maintain the same style. A closure is perfect for those who don't mind maintaining the same style. The lace frontal provides more versatility. If you enjoy often changing up your look, lace frontals are your best option for overall style versatility. Frontal suits for those who mind maintaining the same hairstyle. When it comes to the highest quality lace closures and frontals, Kriyya Hair has you covered. 100% Remy virgin hair leaving you feeling and looking flawless.
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