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kriyya Human Hair-A Natural Extension of U
Choosing the right length for your hair extensions is very important because it determines how natural your hair will look. At kriyya store, we offer a variety of different lengths. You are guaranteed to find the perfect length for you. And here are some things to consider when deciding on hair extension lengths. Wavy/ Curly vs. Straight Hair Extensions Before you decide on a length, be sure to consider whether you want wavy/curly or straight hair extensions. Wavy/curly extensions tend to look slightly shorter than straight extensions due to the texture of the hair. If you are planning to opt for Wavy/curly extensions, you may want to go one size longer than you would if you're planning to buy straight extensions. Also, keep in mind that wavy/curly extensions tend to feel heavier than straight extensions when you wear them. Comfort Comfort is another factor to consider when trying to decide on a length that is right for your hair extensions. If you are used to having short hair, it may be difficult for you to adjust to a really long length. Hair extensions that are no longer than 18" are generally suitable for those with short hair. On the other hand, you may feel comfortable wearing longer extensions if you have medium to long hair. How tall are you Where your hair extensions fall down to will depend on your own height, remember that your height will impact on the overall look of your hair extensions. If you are taller then your hair extensions will look shorter than someone smaller than you with the same length hair extensions. At New U Hair we will advise you what length we think you should have at your free consultation. Where will they fall down to on my body 12 inch - This is the perfect length for thickening up shoulder-length hair 14 inch- This length adds length and thickness just below the shoulder area 16 inch - A good starter length if you want longer hair 18 inch- Bra strap length 20 inch - This length will fall around your mid back 22-24 inch - This length will fall down to around your lower back

How To Measure The Hair Length

Measure the hair from the middle of your ear downwards using tape to show you roughly where the hair extension will fall on you. It further shows you how far it will fall compared to your own hair.

Since it’s a little tricky to know the length of hair you ought to use in comparison to your body height and figure. It’s best to follow the criteria below. You need a mirror and a tape. 1. Simply stand in front of a mirror with a tape measure. 2. Choose either 20, 22 or 24 inches and hold the tape measure at your ear level since that is where you will probably clip in the hair. 3. Now, observe the tape measure and understand that where the tape falls is where the extension will as well. So, let the tape dropdown. 4. If you have curly or wavy hair, you should minus 2 inches and know that that is where the hair is expected to fall. There are many kinds of hair extensions supplied in Kriyya store such as clip in hair extensions,tape-in hair extensions, ponytail hair extensions,u tip hair extensions and so on. You can choose it as you like. Also Kriyya clip in hair extensions can be divided into different types by different standards. By the length, we have 16 inch clip in hair extensions, 18-inch clip in hair extensions, 20-inch clip in hair extensions, 22-inch clip in hair extensions and 24-inch clip in hair extensions. And by the color, we have black clip in hair extensions, brown clip in hair extensions, blonde clip in hair extensions and red clip in hair extensions. If you have any more questions about length while you’re ordering your extensions be sure to drop our lovely team an email at service@kriyya.com and they will be happy to answer any more questions you may have.
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Kriyya Beginner Friendly Glueless V Part Curly Wig No Leave Out No Gel Human Hair Wig  Effortless To Put On 150% Density Natural Color
Kriyya Beginner Friendly Glueless V Part Curly Wig No Leave Out No Gel Human Hair Wig Effortless To Put On 150% Density Natural Color
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Flash Sale Hand-tied Lace Wigs Burgundy Human Hair Curly Lace Part Wig 150% Density
Flash Sale Hand-tied Lace Wigs Burgundy Human Hair Curly Lace Part Wig 150% Density
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