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Long hair will make you more feminine and attractive. clip in hair extensions is the perfect choice to make hair look longer, thicker and fuller. The best clip in hair extensions gives your hair the most natural look and feel. To choose the clip in extensions that are right for you, you need to consider multiple factors, such as the texture, length, thickness, and color of the hair extension. Here are some tips on how to choose the clip in hair extensions that are right for you.

Human Hair vs Synthetic Hair

Clip in extensions are divided into human hair and synthetic hair. Human hair looks and feels most natural. Human hair enables you to heat style and color just like your own hair. If taken care of, they can last a long time. Synthetic hair extensions are cheaper, but their styling ability is very limited, without using a hairdryer, hair straightener or any other styling tool. Synthetic hair extensions are shiny and difficult to blend with natural hair. If you wear hair extensions more often, remy clip in hair extensions is more suitable for you. Remy clip in hair extensions are the best quality clip-in extensions. Remy hair is carefully treated, the cuticle is complete, soft and tangled, giving you a natural look.

Find The Best Hair Texture

Straight hair can give you a natural look, and the density of curls will make your head look fuller. If you like curly patterns, you can design your own patterns yourself. Then, use a heat tool to curl and wave the extensions together for a seamless blend.

How Many Grams Do I Need For Clip-In Hair?

Your hair may be fine, medium or thick. 100g clip in human hair extensions is suitable for those who have thinning hair or only need some extra hair to style. 120g is a classic choice for many customers. These clip in human hair extensions not only increase the length but also increase the volume of the hair. The effect is significant for those with thinning hair. Women with thick or average hair who want to increase the length and volume of their hair while maintaining a natural appearance, 160 grams is a perfect choice. 240g clip in human hair extensions is the perfect choice to increase the volume and length of a large amount of hair, bringing you enviable hair volume and vivid appearance.

How Do I Choose The Right Color Of Extensions?

Choosing a hair extension color seems to be a challenge. The right hair color can make a big difference to your final look. We recommend making sure that hair extensions match the color of your hair ends so that it perfectly matches your appearance.

Black Hair Extensions

The darkest hair color with cool-toned, black shade with subtle blue undertones, it typically works best on darker skin tones, and lighter skin tones can make jet black work too. Because the color is too dark, so the hair extension will make your mane It looks denser. Create subtle loose waves to break the heavy colors to break the heaviness of the colors and increase the sexy effect.

Brown Hair Extensions

This deep brown is our darkest brown with warm undertones which has subtle hints of a warm honey-gold in the brown color. Dark brown hair suits a wide variety of skin tones, from fair to olive and deep. Therefore, dark brown clip in hair Extensions are friendly to most women. Hair extensions can also be dyed dark like normal hair, so you can easily match them with real hair.

Blonde Hair Extensions

Blonde hair extensions are a fashion trend, and many fashion people prefer hair of this color. A kind of classic blonde shade that looks like butter and honey mixed to create an overall golden, sun-kissed hue. This color can add vibrancy to lighter skin tones. This is a sexy color, and long hair in this color will Attract everyone's attention!

Red Hair Extensions

Red hair represents passion and unrestrained. Long red hair is both sexy and beautiful, impressive. When choosing red clip in hair extensions, it's more important to match it with your existing colors.

What Length Clip-In Hair Extensions Should I Get?

Choosing the right length is crucial for clip-in extensions. You can check which length of hair extension will suit you by using a tape measure. Just stand up straight and use a tape measure, put it in the middle of your ears, and you will know what length of hair is right for you. If you want to clip in hair extensions to blend naturally with your natural hair, choose a hair extension that is a few inches longer than your natural hair tips. If you have short hair and want to increase volume rather than length, the best hair extension is 16 inches. If you have never used a hair extension before and do n’t want to increase the length of your hair too much, an 18-inch extension is more suitable for you. 20-22 inches is a popular clip-in extensions length, suitable for most women. If you have long hair, for longer and fuller hair, the best hair extension is 24 inches or more to create an enviable look.

Ponytail Clip-in Hair Extensions

A thick, bouncy, wavy ponytail is a beautiful and classic hairstyle. The clip-in ponytail is 100 human hair. Human hair ponytail extensions create natural and amazing hair color for women. Wrap around clip-in ponytails with long and full hair look. The clip-in ponytail is a hairstyle that anyone can master in minutes! A fabulous long, full ponytail that seamlessly wraps around for an invisible look.
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