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In addition to the clip in human hair extensions, the tape in hair extensions may be the most popular in hair extensions field. They can be lied flat on a woman’s head so that people can’t see it. They can easily blend into your own hair, and it hard to notice them if placed properly. Moreover, applying tape-in extensions is quiet easy. If you want to ensure that the tape extensions last longer, you need to follow specific care guidelines when wearing them. We list the most important care tips for your tape-in hair extensions. These tips are specifically for tape-in hair extensions made from 100% remy human hair. If for synthetic hair extensions, you may need other tips.

1. Brush Your Hair Extensions Every Day

You should comb your natural hair every day to avoid tangles, and it also suitable for your hair extensions. When brush your hair, hold the root of your hair to avoid pulling it out. You must also remember that don’t brush it while it is wet, you can brush it after the hair is dry. When you take a shower, you need to brush your hair before washing it.

2. Use The Right Hair products

When wearing hair extensions, you will have to rely on some kind of love and care to stay shiny and smooth. Leave-in conditioners, styling sprays and more are great hair products for you to use. When purchasing products, make sure they are alcohol-free to avoid unnecessary damage.

3. Wash Your Tape-in Human Hair Extensions

If you really want your hair to last longer, washing it twice a week is enough. If you need to wash more often, use a leave-in shampoo. For people with greasy hair or those engaged in sports that may cause scalp sweating, the frequency of washing may increase. The most important thing is to avoid rough scrubbing on the tape area. Doing so only loosens the hair band and makes the hair look disheveled.

4. Keep The Tape-inExtensions Dry

After washing, make sure to dry your hair immediately, especially the extended roots, which is very important for root health. When using a hair dryer, it is best to use thermal insulation on the hair to avoid damage from heat. Remember to dry your hair completely before going to bed to keep it dry.

5. Using Heat Tool

Just as excessive use of heat tools can damage your natural hair, it will also damage your hair extensions. But it does not mean that you cannot use them. If you want to blow dry your hair to make it curl or straighten, make sure to apply a heat protectant to your hair beforehand. Plus, The lower the setting, the less damage to the hair.

6. Sleep With Your Tape-in Hair Extensions Correctly

The way you sleep also determines how long your hair lasts. You should always comb your hair before going to bed. It is not uncommon for tangled hair to wake up, but you can pack it into ponytails or loose braids to prevent this. If the problem persists, use silk sheets and pillowcases. These also minimize tangles during sleep.

7. Time to Re-attach

In general, kriyya remy tape in human Hair extensions can last 6-8 months with proper care. If you press the tape now and then, the tape will last longer. However, you still need to maintain them after 10 weeks. When you need to switch the tape, go to the hair salon and they will safely remove the tape extension. Your hair stylist will stick the new tape on your tape-in hair extension and then re-attach it to your head. After the application, you have to wait 48 hours before washing your hair for the first time. These tips are base on the conditions that you can wear tape in human hair extensions. Because if you have hair loss, then hair extensions will further damage your hair. Then you can choose our human hair lace front wigs with a verity of textures and length. Human hair wigs without glue won’t damage your natural hair or skin.
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