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The lifespan of human hair extensions is related to how to store them. From clip in hair extensions to sew in weft extensions, the right way to store them will make a big difference to your expensive extensions. No matter what type of hair extensions, they need to be took good care of to keep their appearance and lifespan. How to store human hair extensions is one of the most important thing.

Why Should You Store Your Human Hair Extensions?

Human hair extensions are usually an expensive investment, and the price is higher than common human hair bundles at the same length or colors.

You may wear your hair extensions only for several days or a a few times, especially for clip in hair extensions and tape in hair extensions, they can be reused. If you take good care of them, you can save much money and no need to buy them again unless you have to.

Some girls have bad storage habits, they throw the hair extension into their closet with their dirty mess clothes. My god! Can you image that?

But here is another question: Under what circumstances can you store the hair extensions? Here are some tips:

* Before storing the hair extension, make sure the clips on the hair extension are not tangled and clean. Some styling products may be damaged, weakened, tangled, dry, and attracted to dust.

* It is important to completely dry the hair before placing the hair extension into the carrying bag. Storing wet hair can cause mildew and mildew and produce an unpleasant odor.

* It is very important to hang and align the extensions to make them soft and tangled.

* Remember that bleaching your hair when exposed to the sun. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. The closet will be a perfect place.

* Some people recommend using a vacuum bag, which is a bad idea. We prefer breathable materials like cotton. This is the ideal place for your hair extension. Or try using a bag with a mesh.

Where Should I Store My Hair Extensions?

1. Place Your Extensions In A Bag

This is one of the simplest ways to store hair extensions. You can use the box that comes with your hair, or you can use a regular shoe box.

The right steps:

* First, gently comb the hair and make it smooth and beautiful.

* The weft yarns are stacked on top of each other and rolled together.

* Brush again, and finally twist the hair into a ball and put it in the box.

* If you have a lot of extensions, repeat this step a few times to make multiple hair bundles.

* Close the box and place it in a closet, drawer or shelf.

2. Use A Hanger

The hair extension hanger seemed a bit tricky at first, but it was super simple. Use a long strip of wood instead of the more common style, where the two clips were facing down and pressed against the clips on the extension.

The right steps of using a hanger:

* Gently push the top clamp forward to open the hanger.

* Place the hair weft along the felted part inside the wood. Take care to ensure that all clips are above the wood.

* Close the hanger by bounce the clip back to the upright position.

3. Hair Extension Storage Bag

If you really want to store your hair, please purchase a storage bag that is specially designed for hair extension. These bags have hangers and are used on top of them to further protect the hair. Therefore, once the extension is clamped to the hanger, place the storage bag on top of it and pull the zipper.

This special bag is very suitable for luggage while you travelling, and without damaging your valuable hair extensions. You can store various types or hair pieces in it.

How to store your human hair extensions properly is very simple. It doesn’t require any special storage container, and you can do it in a few minutes. Come on! Store your hair extensions when you don’t wear.

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