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Are Hair Extensions A Good Idea

Hair extension is a great creation for women. It can solve your problem with thin or short of your own hair. But some people worried about hair extensions will damage their own hair, for this question, you should know whether you use hair extensions in the right way.

Now let’s talk about whether hair extensions a good idea or not.

Kriyya hair supplies 4 types of hair extensions: clip-ins, tape-ins, U-tip, and I-tip. All of these hair extensions are 100 human hair. If you use it in the right way, it will add the length and volume of your hair without harmful.

How long does the hair extensions last?

No matter which type of hair extensions, although it is seamless and lasts 12-24 months, please make sure the hair extensions won’t wear too often. You had better wear it for about two months and change it.

How long should we keep the hair extensions on the head?

If you wear it longer, you will see some possible damage on your head, such as bold, hair fall out. Every day, we shed up to 100 hairs, this amount of natural hair inside of an individual extension naturally thins day by day. Once the natural hair becomes too thin, the band or clip will become heavy. It can easily be plucked out which is how women end up having bald spots. So please don’t risk to try it. You’d better move off your hair extensions every 2-8 weeks. When you use hair extensions, please find one professional hairstylist to do it for you. Hair extensions are safe for your hair if you apply it in the right way.

How to maintain your hair extensions at home?

Hair extensions are 100% human hair, so you can treat it as your own hair. Comb and wash gently, please make sure don’t tug at the root of hair extensions where are attached to your head. When you wash it, please use fine shampoo and hair conditioner. While you sleep, please braid your hair into two loose braids to keep it from tangling.

Why you need to choose hair extensions

Hair extensions can add the length and volume of your own hair in a short time. If you want to change your style, hair extension is a good choice. If you don’t want to wear it, you can move off it easily. There are various styles and colors to be chosen which made your hair colorful.

Where to buy good hair extensions

There are many hair extensions vendor in the market, so it is hard to choose a reliable supplier. Kriyya hair extensions online store provide many types of hair extensions. we can make sure the quality of their hair and good customer service. You can buy small pieces to have a try. Or if you have any good experiences about using hair extensions, please feel free to share it with us. Kriyya hair will try their best to help you. Welcome to visit our website www.kriyya.com and enjoy our promotion. Up to 10% off for clip-in hair extensions 7% off for all the wigs 5$ off for I-tip, U-tip and Tape-in order over 100$ Don’t be hesitate, catch the chance huge clearance promo.
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