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There are many types of hair extension, yet clip in hair extensions are an inexpensive and convenient way to add dimension to your hair and to take your appearance to the next level. There are some pretty scary pictures of damage hair extensions flying around the internet, terrifying us with those glue-in horrors. How clip in hair extensions damage your own hair, and how to avoid this damaging? Let’s talk about it today.

How Clip In Hair Extensions Damage Your Own Hair?

There is a lot of information on how the extensions can damage your hair. In this section, we look at how clip-in extension can cause damage to your hair if you don’t take proper care of your extension. Below we discuss what causes damage while you are wearing clip in extension.

1.Sleeping With Clip in Hair Extensions

During our sleeping phase, we toss and turn very often, even if you never noticed it. As a result, movements can put a lot of strain on your natural tresses as well as the wefts. The clips will pull on your strands while you sleep and that can cause breakage, tangling, damage to your hair and even hair loss. Not only that, but the clip-in wefts could get damaged as well. The clips might detach from the wefts, the hair would become tangled and some of it might fall out as well.

2.Using too Many Wefts

Before buying the hair extensions, you should visit your hair stylist and consult on the number of wefts you need. If you wear too many wefts they will weigh down your hair and cause hair to fall off. Depending on your hair type use wefts that are enough for your hair to avoid pulling down your hair.

3.Failing To Take Care Of Your Hair

Your hair needs to be strong to be able to hold the clips and the wefts. When you fail to take care of your hair, it becomes weak and the clips will easily pull off your hair. Make sure your hair remains hydrated and healthy even as you wear the extensions.

How To Avoid Your Hair Damage While Wearing Clip In Hair Extensions?

People prefer clip in hair extensions because they are easy to remove but take them out too quickly and you run the risk of taking some of your own hair out with them. Protect your hair from damage while wearing clip in hair extensions by doing a few simple things to keep your own hair safe from damage. Here are just a few things you can do to protect your hair

1.Remove Clip In Extensions Carefully

Before removing your clip in hair extensions, comb or brush your hair smooth and gently separate your hair from the extensions. Create sections in your hair to expose the place where the clip in hair extensions are attached to your hair and gently slide them out of place. Pulling or yanking clip in hair extensions out of your hair or handling them too roughly can cause your hair to break and if done routinely may lead to long term damage.

2.Choose Lighter Clip-in Hair Extensions

When purchasing clip in hair extensions for regular use, lighter weight will be better. Heavier clip in hair extensions are often preferred because of the greater volume, but they can also put stress on your own hair. So, lightweight clip in hair extensions that weigh 120 grams or less put less stress on your hair and can help save your hair from damage.

3.Give Your Hair A Break

Wearing clip in hair extensions all day every day for weeks at a time may take a toll on the health of your own hair. Keep your hair in excellent shape by giving your hair a rest. Wear your hair in flattering braids, twists or upswept hairstyles on days when you’re giving your clip in hair extensions a break.

4.Avoid Sleeping In Your Clip In Hair Extensions

If you fall asleep in your clip in hair extensions you run the risk of getting your extensions tangled during the night or pulling at them while sleeping. Removing your clip in extensions before going to bed at night is highly recommended but if you can’t secure them with a satin bonnet or scarf to keep them in place. If you wear your extensions every now and again, remove them when you’re sleeping and keep them in good condition then they won’t damage your hair at all.

Can You Sleep With Other Types Of Hair Extensions?

Clip-in extensions is the one you simply must take off every night. If you need extensions that you can sleep with, we go with the semi-permanent methods. Those are: tape in hair extensions , i tip hair extensions, u tip hair extensions and sew-in wefts. These types of extensions do not have to be taken off each day, so you can sleep and shower while wearing them. Keep in mind, you still must protect your new hair while in bed. It is recommended that you braid your semi-permanent extensions before going to sleep or wear a sleep cap.
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