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Frontal Bob Wig

What is a frontal bob wig?

The wig has lace on it, and because the lace is transparent and invisible, it looks very natural. The hair is perfect whether it is separated from the middle or from both sides.

The reason why choose frontal bob wig

For women who like neat wigs, bob wigs are really the best choice. The frontal bob wig can perfectly cover the head, creating a natural and stunning appearance. Women will like this wig design because it looks good and fashionable. Whether it is a straight bob wig or a curly bob wig, it will make you feel bright. Different colors and different styles of frontal bob wigs are for you to choose from, and a variety of combinations allow you to enjoy the fun of wearing wigs.

How long does a frontal bob wig last?

Generally speaking, the life span of human hair wigs will last longer than that of synthetic wigs. Human hair frontal bob wigs can usually be used for six months to one year or more. Some unreasonable behaviors will accelerate the loss of wig life, such as washing the wig too frequently or not removing the wig while sleeping. These behaviors will greatly deplete the service life of the wig, so if you want to keep the wig in service for a longer time, you should pay attention to avoiding some small things that are easy to damage the wig.

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