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Curly Lace Front Wigs

Why choose to wear a curly lace front wig?

The curly lace front wig is a classic trendy style. Many women will choose to wear it to highlight their temperament and personal charm.

The curly lace front wig can help create the natural fluffy feel of the hair, expand the hair area, and visually show the abundant and plump hair.

There are many styles to choose from, whether you want short curly lace front wigs or long curly lace front wigs, or a deep wave lace front wig and spiral lace front wig, you can easily find it. According to your own personal style and temperament, you can choose a suitable curly lace front wig to beautify your appearance.

How to care for curly lace front wigs?

Some people may find it troublesome to care for curly lace front wigs. In fact, it is easier than you think. You can pay attention to the following points

Wigs do not need to be washed as frequently as our own hair, which will damage the wigs.

Wash it once a month or after wearing it 6 to 7 times. Do not scrub vigorously when washing to avoid destroying the curled shape.

Do not comb the curly lace front wig when it is dry. Use a comb to gently comb the wig when it is wet.

Use leave-in conditioners or moisturizers to keep your wig moisturized and keep it shiny.

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