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Curly Bob Wig

As a timeless wig, a bob wig can be said to be very popular. Whether it is in daily life, at a party, or a special holiday like Halloween, you can easily see it, which shows how deeply it is loved by women. Although there are many styles of Bob wigs, the popularity of curly bob wigs is relatively high among all types, especially among African American women, and it is a must-have item.

1. why are curly bob wigs so popular?

Compared with straight Bob wigs, curly Bob wigs have a little more mature charm, and their hairstyles are bolder and avant-garde. With fashionable clothing and various items, a proper goddess fan. In addition, curly hair appears to have more hair, which is why so many women permed their hair. Good-looking and beautiful is one of the factors, visually, more hair volume is the priority of women's perm. So curly bob wigs can save you from having to choose higher density wigs to reduce the weight of the wigs you wear.

2. How long is the appropriate length?

Each wig has different lengths to choose from. For Bob wigs, there are from 8 inches to 18 inches or even shorter and longer, depending on whether you like long or short. But generally speaking, a 12-inch bob wig is suitable for most people.

3. How long is a 12-inch bob wig?

The 12-inch hair usually reaches the shoulders, and due to the different lengths of each person's head and other factors, it may also reach the collarbone. In terms of appearance length, there is not much difference. It is medium-length hair, not as short as 8 inches, and not as long as 18 inches. It is a very good choice for women who want medium hair.

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