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Closure Wig

1. What is a closure wig?

A closure wig is a kind of wig that hair is hooked on a lace piece, usually as an accessory, installed in the middle or side of the head. Lace closure wig and lace frontal closure wig are the main styles of closure.

2. What size does it have?

4×4 closure wig is more common. Its dimensions are 4 inches long and 4 inches wide. It is located in the middle of the wig and resembles a square. In addition to the 4×4 closure wigs, there are many other sizes of wigs. For example, 5×5 closure wigs and other sizes.

3. Which one is better?

They are not much different except for size. Just like the 5×5 closure wig is only one-inch longer and wider than the 4×4 closure wig. In this case, 5×5 may be better because it contains the advantages of 4×4 and its own advantages, with more space for separation and more styles.

4. How to use a closure wig?

With a closure wig, you can braid all the hair together without leaving some hair. Then you can install the closure on the middle or side of the head, which is very convenient, which is why closed wigs have always been popular.

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