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24 Inch Hair Length

For women looking to buy long wigs, the length of the hair is a key thing to figure out. And 24 inch hair length can be regarded as a standard contrast for long hair. Knowing the length of 24 inch of hair gives you a general idea of the length of other inch.

How long is the 24 inch hair?

24 inches is 60 centimeters, which is a long length. For people who are not too tall, this length of a wig will reach the waist and even the ribs, of course, this is talking about 24 inches of straight long hair. For some textured wig products, such as water wave wig and deep wave wig, under the same length, the displayed length is shorter than that of straight hair, generally in the area of the scapula.

How to measure the length of 24 inch hair?

When measuring the length of 24 inches of hair, the hair needs to be straightened. If it is straight hair, measure it from the root to the longest end of the hair. If it is a curly wig with a range, straighten the hair as much as possible to measure. Once the measurement is complete, look at the scale on the tape measure to know the length of the hair you purchased.

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